The COVID-19 crisis has forced airlines to ground their planes and drastically reduce service as social distancing and stay at home orders are greatly reducing the demand to fly. While many planes are flying with near-empty cabins, air travel, however, still remains essential for some and airlines still need to mitigate the risk of potential exposure for employees and customers.

To put worrying minds at ease for those still traveling and attempt to inspire confidence in the mode of transportation for when travel does eventually bounce back, airlines are introducing new means of cleaning their aircraft interiors to ensure any lingering germs are eradicated.

One of the ways by which airlines are cleaning their cabins in addition to enhancing routine cleanings is through a process called fogging. A relatively simple method, fogging kills any potential germs or pathogens and has been introduced by Delta Air Lines, American Airlines, and United Airlines, the three largest airlines in the US by fleet size.

The germ-killing fog blankets the aircraft before cleaners board the plane and physically clean each surface. Take a look at how fogging is keeping planes safe for travel despite cases of COVID-19 continuing to climb around the world.